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Here Is The Solution To All Your Problems

March 20, 20242 min read

The Solution To All Your Problems

Hey everyone, I hope you are all doing great today.

We as humans often have a lot of problems in our life when it comes to achieving our goals. It may be trivial or it may be huge problems depending on the person. But, in this post, I'm going to reveal to you my secret that solved all my problems for me.

And all it requires is a change in thinking.

1. One Question To Change Your Perspective

There's been many times where I was struggling mentally on achieving my goals & what to do.

And as most people know, when you start questioning yourself you start to become anxious and paralyzed. So here's the one thing that helped me out ton. In my life, I was focused on trading at the time and I struggled with my strategy & discipline.

I would change strategy after strategy. I had shiny object syndrome where as soon as I saw a profitable strategy, I'd jump to it right away. Obviously, it wouldn't work for me because trading takes time to become good & even great at.

There was one point where I wanted to give up and then it happened. One question to change my life. One question to change my perspective.

One question to rule them all.

"What would a millionaire trader do?"

It was like an epiphany happened. A huge light bulb flickered & lit up.

I suddenly was flooded with ideas.

"Well a millionaire trader wouldn't give up & they would stick to 1 strategy. The would keep it simple to follow and let the odds play out. They would also have great risk management as well. Oh and they would journal & document every trade to review!"

This alone changed my trading. I went from breakeven to profit immediately. Was it hard? YES!

But it changed everything for me.

So ask yourself.

What would the ideal version of yourself do? I promise you will find the answer.

That's it.

See ya next time,

Chris Jordan.

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