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Death By A Thousands Cuts - How We Waste Time

March 18, 20243 min read

Death By A Thousands Cuts - How We Waste Time

Hey everyone, I hope you are all doing great today!

Today, I'm going to be talking about something very important. Time. Our most valuable asset yet it's wasted. It's wasted either by being lazy or being trapped in our phones, or even just laying down watching Netflix.

But what exactly do I mean by the title? Well let's dive straight into the death by a thousand cuts perspective & how it impacts us today.

1. Death By A Thousand Cuts

This is just going to be one post just saying what I believe to be true in today's society. We waste time with our phones, apps, movies, tv shows, Netflix, Hulu & I can go on & on. I guarantee if you check your screen time right now you probably have 4-5 hours alone between all your social media apps.

Don't worry, every now & then I still have at least 2-3 hours wasted. Now you have to think, all that time over a long period time would equate to years of time wasted! Here's another thing to consider, what about all the time in between those activities.

You see, everyone is focusing on dopamine detoxes to get away from phones & useless activities which is great. But those small increments you don't noticed add up as well & has a compounding effect on us. The time you spend procrastinating, or pondering. Sometimes we even get so caught up pondering we get anxious & it freezes us up all together. Couple this with all the hours many people spend on social media & this starts to become an even bigger issue.

Ironically, this is what death by a thousand cuts mean.. We're doing 1 second here, 5 seconds pondering, another 30 seconds procrastinating, & then 2 hours on your phone on top of that. It goes on & on & the cycle repeats itself like a self fulfilling prophecy. You are being cut to death but not physically. You are being cut mentally & spiritually by time itself. Have you ever had those terrible thoughts where you say something like "I'm 26 and have nothing to show for it?" That's literally me right there.

That's when I knew I needed to change. I needed to change it all from the ground up. I needed to become someone different that can achieve my goals with ease. So I said forget this version of Chris Jordan. I need a new character. A new identity to make everything easier for me.

This new identity wouldn't procrastinate & die by a thousand cuts. He would maximize time to it's full potential to achieve the dreams he's always wanted. I created punishments for doom scrolling, procrastinating, & pondering that would I definitely did not want to do. Over time, suddenly, I noticed I started to get so much more done in less time.

Blog posts took less time to write, videos took less time to edit. Everything felt like it didn't require much time at all. It was as if I hacked reality or something. Things that usually took me 3-5 hours, instead took 45 minutes to 1 hour at most. Another thing that helped me was setting a timer for everything I needed to do. I was always racing against time and this was before I ever heard of Parkinson's law.

Start doing what needs to be done & don't waste time. Time wasted is compounding, but using time wisely works the same way. You move faster towards your goals when you aren't wasting it.

Please don't waste it..

See ya next time,

Chris Jordan.

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