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Why You Should Do A Dopamine Detox

March 11, 20245 min read

Why You Should Do A Dopamine Detox

Hey everyone, I hope you are all doing great today.

In today's society, many people often talk about doing a dopamine detox. But what is a dopamine detox? Why does it matter? What's the point of it? Well, in this post I'm going to explain all of that and why you should do one.

Now, while I do believe a dopamine detox can help you, I don't think it's the end all solution. I have a much different perspective that I will talk about in a different post.

What Is A Dopamine Detox?

Basically what a dopamine detox is the idea to temporarily reduce exposure to activities that releases high levels of dopamine. The most popular for example is, social media, video games, excessive screen time, & other instant gratification activities.

By taking these things away from us, we start to get back to the real world & love to do hard tasks again.

Why Does It Matter?

The reason this matters so much is because with instant gratification it messes up the brain. The brain starts do things that are easy. For example, when using social media & we get a like on a post, the signal we get to the brain tells us that we did something and got rewarded with dopamine which makes us want to continue on social media.

The only problem is, we didn't do anything. But somehow our brain rewarded us. Now imagine if we did something actually worth doing. No instant gratification but hard work. We finish our task and then we are rewarded with dopamine. The excitement & feeling of accomplishment is much higher because we completed a challenging objective.

That's the goal. Instead of scamming our brains with instant gratification. Take away the screens & work on your goals to achieve something that actually matters. We have to start rewarding ourselves the right way.

People are addicted to their phone today. They have become mindless zombies in a technological world in which they are the product.

So here's 5 reasons why you should do a dopamine detox.

1. Resetting Sensitivity

This point alone should help you understand why you need a detox. The excessive stimulation from activities like gaming, social media, doom scrolling (which I have a huge problem with) can desensitize the brain's dopamine receptors.

A detox aims to reset these receptors which would allow people to experience true pleasure & get satisfaction from meaningful activities. Instead of scrolling, do something that actually means something or affects the world. It may not even need to be any of those things.

Do something that gives you true value. Not another like on your post.

2. Increased Productivity

By cutting out distractions and activities that provide instant gratification, people may find it easier to focus on tasks that require effort and time. This can lead to increased productivity and a better ability to concentrate on more meaningful or long-term goals.

I've personally struggled with this for a long time. It wasn't until I started to put the screens down that I became more productive.

3. Enhanced Human Experience & Mindful Reflection

Taking a break from all the screens and constant stimulation can help you improve your mental health & well being. It allows you to see the world from a different view & reflect. You start to reflect on your life, your habits, where you're going, your friends, family & more.

I started to mainly reflect on my habits & my goals. I started to get a clear sight of where I wanted to go. I felt free not only free but clear minded. It was like my mind opened the path for me without me doing anything extra.

I started to develop better relationships with friends & family. I started to call more. I started to spend more time with them. I started to value their existence more than I ever had.

4. Breaking Addicting Patterns

I have personally experienced myself breaking addicting bad habits & patterns. When I first started the detox I would put my phones in the bathroom drawer. What I started to notice was I would be constantly looking & fidgeting for my phone. It was like it was a part of me. I'd look & it wouldn't be there.

This is why it was important to leave my phone out of the room I work in. I created a barrier to prevent me from easily accessing it. Once I noticed this, I started to notice other patterns as well which were really bad habits.

You only evolve by seeing the unseen side of yourself. The dopamine detox allowed me to start seeing my weaknesses while building up new strengths aka habits.

5. Rediscovering Real World Activities

This is huge point for me. I've always been introverted so I would just be on my computer working or on my phone scrolling. I never really cared to get out but you can still experience real world activities. I started to read more & hang out with friends.

It got to the point where sometimes I would leave my phone at home and go out. This would allow me to fully focus my attention on the experience without checking for another notification.

So here's why you should consider a dopamine detox. Take a break from the constant buzz of screens and social media, and focus on real-world tasks that challenge you. Let's break free from the addiction to our phones and start rewarding ourselves the right way. Have you ever tried a dopamine detox? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below

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