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5 Ways To Be More Disciplined - This Is What Helped Me

March 05, 20243 min read

5 Ways To Be More Disciplined - This Is What Helped Me

In life, business, or anything we do, one of the most important things we have to have is discipline. As someone who has often struggled with discipline because I grew up being lazy and doing things on my own time, these are the 5 things that can help you become more disciplined.

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1. Choose Your Goals & Create 3 Daily Priority Tasks.

If you don't know what your goals are then you are just going to be sailing in a ocean in the middle of nowhere. You have to know where you are going and where you are heading. So write down your goals somewhere & read them everyday.

Next you need to create 3 priority tasks. These 3 things should be the biggest levers that move you toward your goals. The most important but also most crucial things. Focus on those 3 tasks and get them done. If you get those done, you win the day.

2. Create A Schedule/Routine

You have to create a schedule or routine. This will be your guide for your day. Otherwise you are just going to have to alot of time being wasted. Have you ever heard of "Death by a thousand cuts"? Well this is when that saying comes into play. Create a schedule & follow it.

3. Wake Up Earlier

Now this, I personally have a love & hate relationship with.. I hate getting up early & sleeping early but I also love being up before everyone else. But that's the thing, when you wake up earlier and you're up before the rest of the world, you feel as though you have already accomplished more.

You also start to see how much time you truly have. For some reason, time starts to move slower. Start waking up earlier.

4. Get In The Gym

This is a surprising one for me personally. I grew up an athlete and used to hate working out, but now it's one of the things I look forward too. Think about it, the goal of working out is to get in better shape, build muscle, or lose weight. Which is great! But, you have to actually break your body down to even get to that point.

That alone requires a lot of discipline in its self.


So this is the best thing that has helped me. What you want to do is think of small tasks that you absolutely hate to do then do them. But when you do this, don't ponder & procrastinate. Do them immediately. Whenever you feel yourself saying "No, it can wait" or "I don't have to do it." Tell yourself no & that you will do it regardless of if you want to or not.

I hope these tips helps you.

This is what has personally helped me to start getting more disciplined.

See ya next time,

Chris Jordan.

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