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5 Ways To Start Changing Your Habits

March 13, 20243 min read

5 Ways To Start Changing Your Habits

Hey everyone, I hope you are all doing great today.

Our habits often define the person we are and who we are becoming. So, in this short post, I'm going to be giving you 5 ways to start changing your habits.

1. Become Mindful Of The Bad Habits

The first and most obvious step is identifying the bad habits. If you cannot identify your bad habits how can you ever progress. So what I did is I started to write down everything I believed was a bad habit of mine. It can be anything.

Sleeping late, fast food, waking up late, anything. But you must be able to identify them & understand why you do them. If you can understand and recognize the bad habits, you can break them and rebuild good ones.

2. Look For The Triggers & Interrupt

So now it's time to look for the triggers. What are the triggers of the bad habits that you do. For example, I had a problem with eating to much fast food. Maybe it's because it's hard to gain weight but that becomes a problem when you start realizing money is just disappearing haha.

So this is what I did.

I recognized I was spending to much on fast food. The trigger I noticed was every time it hit 2pm I'd get hungry but I never cooked or made any food previously to accommodate for that time. So I would order fast food to fix.

But watch this..

When I did eat fast food I felt sleepy & tired. I would have to take a nap to recover but that nap would lead to hours of sleep. Which then lead to me sleeping late because I wasn't tired. One bad habit lead to another & another. Everything is connected.

So to fix this, I'd make sandwiches ahead of time the night before for only that part of the day. This completely interrupted my habit & my brain was like "what the fuck?" But after awhile, My brain & stomach was expecting a sandwich at that time.

It takes time to see the trigger but once you got it, interrupt & change it.

3. How To Start Building Good Habits

Now, I am going to do another post about how I do this but this is all you need.

The same way you have bad habits you can build good habits. With bad habits you have a trigger > action > reward. Now do the same thing with good habits.

It's very simple but I will admit it is hard to install because your brain is going to want to take the easy way out. Don't let your lizard brain trick you! Stick to it. Eventually your brain will accept the new habit and it will be as easy as the bad ones.

4. Reward Yourself For Completing Your Good Habits

To really make your good habits stick with you, you have to reward yourself. And I mean REWARD YOURSELF. At first, make it so good your brain loves doing the good habits. Then slowly make the reward less appealing.

For example, once I solved the fast food issue, I used to reward myself with gaming after working because I spent less on fast food. I would game for 2 hours. But even this can get back because video games are addicting. So, I started to reward my myself with my favorite smoothie.

Reward yourself big at first, then once it gets easy, give yourself a small reward.

5. Self Review

Make a list of all the bad & good habits & see what you have got rid of and what you have installed.

You should be crossing out the bad habits & writing down the good ones. If you need to use a habit tracker, use one. In fact, I will be making a habit tracker soon for people who want to track everything they do.

That way you can see it all the time & be mindful. I hope this quick post helped you.

See ya next time,

Chris Jordan.

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